January 4, 2024

Welcome 2024 – Update from River Point District Project Manager

River Point District, La Crosse’s largest current urban redevelopment effort, continues to offer a remarkable story of public private partnerships to implement a compelling community vision while addressing today’s municipal opportunities and challenges.  2023 saw the development of infrastructure including the first three blocks of River Bend Drive, utilities, tree cells and curb and gutter installed, setting the stage for the groundbreaking of the City’s partner; MSP’s Driftless Apartments project, which will offer striking architecture with 68 1-bedroom units, 32 2-Bedroom Units and 20 3-bedroom townhouse units for a total of 120 new housing units.  Several developers are anticipating construction starts in the spring of 2024 including F Street and War Eagle on parcels 2 and 1 respectively.  The total anticipated housing units currently planned under current option agreements throughout the development exceeds 900, with an anticipated construction value of nearly $300M.  The City’s Economic and Community Development Commission has also been a great partner, executing several Tax Incremental Financing agreements with developers.  Additionally, the City’s Parks Department is looking at park planning in 2025 to address the linear parkway features along the Black River and southern borders of the site after holding public engagement sessions throughout 2023.  Currently, all but three parcels are under option agreements between the RDA and various developers, representing nearly 80% of River Point District.  Two of these three parcels still available represent exciting waterfront sites designated for civic, entertainment, commercial and potential mixed use concepts.  For information, please contact Jason Gilman, AICP, JBG Planning LLC at [email protected].